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Vanitas X Reader - Bite
Vanitas, your special someone with an attitude problem, has a funny little quirk.
He likes to bite.
Not hard enough to to hurt, but frequent enough to keep your eyes on him at all times.
While you're working on homework, he'll nibble your ear. When he's bored out of his mind, he'll nip your shoulder. If he's in desperate need of your affection, he'll attack your neck. You get the picture, right?
Though you don't really know why he feels so inclined to bite.
Maybe it's the reaction you give him. The way you squeak in surprise. Or the way you shiver as his pearly whites lightly scrape against your skin. You might never know, to be honest.
But that's ok.
Cause it's just one of his little quirks. And who's to say you don't enjoy it?
:iconxxsilvermillenniaxx:xXSilverMillenniaXx 12 3
In Love With A Goddess(Noctis x Goddess!reader)
The raven haired prince strolled down the hallway leading to a wide garden. As he entered the said place, he closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh air as his raven locks softly flew in the sweet spring breeze.
Completely oblivious to anothers presence, he continued to walk around the garden as it slowly relaxed him. As a small fountain came to view, he suddenly felt a strong yet soothing presence.
With hurried and silent steps, he approached the fountain when he heard a faint singing. But as he came closer, the voice became more melodious.
Thou seek the light
With an outstretched hand
A divine blade lies before you
So command the wake of dreams
To restore the world cut way the seams
Join in our prayer in our song
Of birthrights and love
Come the sun illuminate the sky
Pray that we may quell the dark
Light take the throne
Lost in thoughs all alone~
(don't blame me! I can't think of anything at the moment an
:iconlady-ashe0886:Lady-Ashe0886 20 4
Rabiosa (VanitasXReader)
"Come on! It'll be fun," the (h/c)-haired girl held her hand out towards the raven haired boy, urging him to just take it already and join her on the dark dance floor filled with people jumping to the beat of the music. The choice of songs were very diverse and different, each casting their own beats and sounds and getting different people on the dance floor. (Name) had already spent her time jamming out to the songs on her own and making new friends, but she thought it was about time her partner joined in on the fun for once, instead of just staying in the shadows and doing nothing but watch.
The older teen really didn't want to participate in anything that night— it was recon and only recon, why his partner was out enjoying herself, he didn't know, nor did he stop her. It wasn't that he liked watching her dance or anything, but he decided it was about time she'd gotten a break from their work. But not Vanitas, no sir. Dancing wasn't his forte, nor was it entertaining to him. Bu
:iconbrownie-nya-cat:brownie-nya-cat 18 3
Sick Days (Sick!Cloud Strife x Reader)
"Achoo!" The blonde grimaced and grabbed a tissue. Taking a deep breath, he blew into it and threw it in the trash.
"Dammit..." He looked around his room and sighed. 
You heard from Tifa that Cloud has gotten terribly sick and you're now walking up to his room, a big pot of warm homemade chicken soup in your arms. You put down the enormous pot carefully and knocked on the door.
Knock knock knock.
"Come in." Who on earth would visit him? The blonde looked up at the ceiling and furrowed his brows in confusion. Save for Tifa, Marlene or Denzel, no one would visit him. So who-?
The first thing he saw was a giant pot tied with a pink ribbon. A pot visited him? 
"Hey Cloud!"
And it talks?!
However, a beautiful girl came in with a smile. Her (H/L) (H/C) hair cradled her face in the most perfect way and her gleeful smile was as angelic as the highest of archangels. The way her (F/C) dress hugged her curves also gave her a sexy flair. 
:iconfxrbidden:Fxrbidden 70 9
173. Delivery || Cloud Strife x Reader
[Prompt #173. Delivery] [Cloud Strife x Reader]
[This is a DRABBLE. Well, sort of.]
[Start: Be the Oblivious Female]
"Okay, calm yourself, it's not like it's something bad!" You are [Name] [Last Name], and you are the oblivious female. "...right...?"
This morning, you have just recieved a letter (who uses these nowadays?) that you have a delivery from someone unnamed. It says that it will arrive in the afternoon, at 4:13 PM, sharp. Of course, the sender is named 'Strife Delivery Service'. Who the hell names a Delivery Company like that? You apparently lived in the very outskirts of Midgar, where most of the people from different places reside. And of course, you are one of them.
You lived in the quiet town of Nibelheim. It has been 4 or 3 years since you moved to your current location. You apparently heard that everyone in Nibelheim was slaughtered by a so-called hero, the First Class SOLDIER, Sephiroth. Deeply saddened, you cried for your loved ones for a couple o
:iconrainbowwriter02:RainbowWriter02 56 5
nightmare and comfort riku x reader
A/N i think its time for some dark fluff.
He cried into your shoulder, it was only a nightmare, but it was one grounded in truth and those are quite often the worst. Everyone viewed riku as a strong stoic figure who was never scared but this was quite simply not true. Riku was perhaps even more sensitive than sora. He just didn't show it. He didn't want to burden anyone else with his problems. But letting his thoughts and feelings bottle up inside him was probably not the best thing to do. Despite your attempts to help him he often refused to let any of his emotions out. This made moments like this precious.
You stroked your fingers through his soft hair,rubbing in circle soothingly. Riku felt almost a child at this moment, small and vulnerable, he was scared and in need of comfort. The nightmare had been horrible, worse it was plauseable which meant it was not easily discounted. When his tears ran out he bagan to talk, you didn't speak knowing it was a good way to drive him off. He di
:iconmokaevans-yamimoka:mokaevans-yamimoka 37 1
[Sora x Reader] Halloween Special Part 1
Sora x Reader Halloween Special Part 1
Halloween is coming up really soon . Last year I tried getting Sora's attention by wearing a Nurse's costume.. It didn't turn out well.. Sora just said that I look cute and beautiful, then we just went trick or treating after that.. I was hoping for some kind of action..
Kairi suggested that me and Sora would be a matching couple costume, and the first thing i thought of was Maid and Butler. And it's not because I finished watching Kuroshitsuji... Or anything like that.... Riku thought it was a dumb idea to dress up just for a kiddie trick or treating, he even said that pedophiles can even look at you, or something like that.. Sora said that its actually fun, and that you're never to old to trick or treat.
I hadn't told Sora what we are going to be for Halloween yet.. And Halloween is in 15 days, I guess I should tell him about it now. Around 8PM I went over to Sora's house and rang the door bell. I can hear some shouting through their door. Then
:iconreaderxsora:ReaderxSora 37 3
Sora x Reader The wielders
  You were one of the keyblade wielders. you were traveling until you saw the place that you need to go. the world that never was. you stepped in and you saw millions of heartless. you say pete and the witch. "What are you guys doing here?" "Were here to defeat the heartless to get our own castle!" The witch said. while getting ready with pete. "Well if it isnt _____" Pete ran to you and talked to you. "Yeah yeah im one of the key wielders blah blah." you groaned. pete and the witch didnt know and the got startled. "Looks like there are 3 keyblade wielders." you got suprised and asked who. "its sora and riku." You didnt know who they were but you asked where they went. they asked find them yourself.(Okay note right now sora didnt find riku yet. sora was at that place where he saw kairi) You were at the place where the crystal guy was. you saw a duck and his partner and a guy with spiky hair. "Why roxas?" the guy was fading out. "Sora!" the girl with the red hair yelled. "KAIRI!" Then a
:iconstoryreaders:StoryReaders 71 13
Morning - Sora x Reader {Drabble}
You lifted your hand into the air, watching the morning sun dwindle between your fingertips and splotch over your pillow. The warmth radiating off of those few spots instantly lit your skin, and you sighed as the rays strengthened after being uncovered by a cloud. 
You closed your eyes and laid the side of your head on your pillow, smiling gently as you felt fingers graze your cheek. You peered between eyelashes to see the clement and entirely content grin on Sora’s face, his incredibly blue eyes soft and careful. He explored the skin of your cheek and neck with the back of his hand, taking his time in growing closer to you.
Watching through hooded eyes, you anticipated the amorous kiss as Sora wrapped you in his arms, even ounce of his love proclaimed in such a simple touch. You returned it with equal affection, lacing your fingers in his wild umber hair. 
You laughed lightly and looped your arms around Sora’s neck, nuzzling his nose with your
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 35 4
Other Overheated Things (Cloud StrifeXReader)
A few loose strands of platinum hair dangled in his view, as if to taunt the strict curve combo that his eyes and eyebrows had displayed. The crystal blue color that stained his orbs were dimmed slightly at the sight before him: A certain motorcycle’s engine, bluntly heated after having participated in a massive steaming fit. Cloud tapped his fingers on the apparatus's glistening metal organs before sighing heavily, slipping his hands out of a pair of gloves and throwing them aside harshly.
He put a thumb up to his jaw as he analyzed the malfunction. It could have easily been a broken fan, but both the clutch and the shroud were in stable condition. Water levels weren't under the minimum, as Zack had oddly taught him. Perhaps there was something wrong with the temperature balance? That was always a possibility.
He looked over to the (h/c) haired girl sitting upon the surface of a wooden bench, laughing hysterically with the owner of the garage. As they engaged in conversation, hi
:iconaquaticargolis:AquaticArgolis 170 16
For Sora Lovers. Sora x Reader The tournament.
You were walking threw the Olympus Coliseum and entered where the tournament is. You saw the goat phil. "Hey! phil?" You saw him walking with a duck. "? __! your back! Your so tall now." You rubbed your neck "Eheheh.." You looked at the tournament board. "Hey phil can i be in this?" you smirked. He was suprised. "Yeah." *TIME SKIP* You were at the semi-finals. Your opponent was a guy name Sora. You saw him getting his keyblade out. "He looks pretty cute." You thought. But you shook your head out and grabbed your keyblade. "What? She has a keyblade too? But shes so cute tho." Sora thought. You ran to him and slashed but you missed. He jumped behind you and you turned around and blocked his attack. You pushed through his key blade and you jumped back. He turned into his final form and charged at you. You were shocked and charged back. You both hit each other at the same time. "I wonder who is she." Donald said."Heheh." Hades said. He kept thinking. He would steal something from you. Like
:iconstoryreaders:StoryReaders 45 5
Sora x Reader Coming Along With You.
You were a keyblade wielder. (IDK why I always make the reader keyblade wielders… Oh well) You had (h/l), (h/c), (e/c), and (ANY OUTFIT INSERT). They're always were heartless coming after you. You had a pure light heart. *IN THE WORLD THAT NEVER WAS.* “C’mon and join us ___.” Axel said getting his weapon. “Nice try Axel, but I’m never joining.” You said summoning your keyblade and getting to you’re fighting position. Axel dashed to you but you blocked his weapon with your keyblade and pushed him back. “You’re really weak. Got it memorized?” He said smirking. You summoned another keyblade on your hand. “Two!?” Axel said surprised. You dashed to Axel and hit him. “Nice fight kid.” Axel smirked and went into the portal. “Weirdo.” You said to yourself. You went to travel to another world. *AT HOLLOW BASTION AND AT MERLINS.* You opened the door seeing Yuffie, Leon, Aerith, and Cid. “
:iconstoryreaders:StoryReaders 84 8
Lion [Roxas X Reader]
"And here we are!" Sora cheered, going towards the opening Gummi Ship door.
Everyone shared looks and headed after him, sticking with their best friend/ lover/ crush except me. I left the ship last and alone, mentally gasping at the beautiful sight in front of me.
"Welcome to the Lion King world!" Sora cheered with a bright grin, a bright light engulfing all of us afterward as I finally stepped both feet off the ramp.
I had to close my eyes to protect them from the bright light, blinking rapidly after the light faded and my eyes opened.  Everything seemed much bigger now for some reason. Looking around, I saw everyone had turned into Lion cubs (save Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy) but were still easily recognizable. I didn't freak, seeing as Sora warned us beforehand.
I wandered off alone, not wanting to be around the couples. Really the only reason I came was because my best friend, Roxas, wanted me to come with him. Him and his girlfriend, Namine, had broken up well over a
:icondemontheumbreon:DemonTheUmbreon 17 18
Going Down For Real (Dancer!Levi X Dancer!Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    As soon as the music started, he felt his pulse begin to beat in time with the buoyant rhythm of the song, foot tapping somewhat impatiently as he waited, muscles tensed and ready to launch himself at any moment. His breaths fell evenly, ashen-silver hues slightly narrowed as he clenched his fists and made eye-contact with her from where she stood merely a foot away from him. She seemed so relaxed and composed, yet the fire in her orbs spoke otherwise, that even if she was preforming the simple task of a dance move she held the passion of a soldier heading into battle. He found it intriguing, yet odd, but never questioned it once seeing why he had been paired up with her out of all the other dancers.
    And the beat dropped.
    His hands grasped her waist, and she pressed her palms to his bare chest. A step forward and a step back, a spin while his hands traveled up her cu
:icongreystream:Greystream 116 34
Practice (Instructor!Levi X Dancer!Reader) AU
The light sound of footsteps patted against the floor impatiently, soft hums heard from the corners of the room. You glanced around nervously, rubbing your bare arms. No one told you the attire was so revealing. Maybe to some it was fine, but you felt so exposed. Small straps covering a portion of your shoulders, tight black leotard with a silky raven tutu. One of the perks of being a dancer, the clothes.
Just taking a look around, you could tell you wouldn’t be the best. There were the girls that looked small and nimble, already stretching along the bars. Then there were the other females who looked strong enough to rip a blue whale in half. Your gaze wandered off to the boys. Some were scrawny, though flexible, as others arms rippled with muscles as the girls giggled in the sidelines.
What were you doing? The absolute opposite of everyone else. Just reading a lovely romance novel, like any other anti-social idiot. You weren’t here to make friends though, you were here to
:icongreystream:Greystream 301 75


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